At least 48 dead in Peru bus crash



At least 48 dead in Peru bus crash

Rescue personnel work at the site of a bus accident north of Lima, capital of Peru, on Tuesday.

(CNN)At least 48 people were killed Tuesday when a bus went over a cliff north of Lima, said Lewis Mejia, a top Peruvian fire official.

The Ministry of the Interior said the bodies were found in the bus, the Pacific Ocean and on the rocky beach.
Six people were hospitalized with injuries.
The accident occurred when a tractor-trailer collided with the bus, Peru transport chief Dino Escudero told state television agency Andina.

Rescue personnel transfer an injured person to a helicopter after the accident.

The back of the bus was hit by the truck, which caused the bus to fall off a cliff, Escudero said.
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The preliminary investigation indicated that GPS showed both vehicles were going too fast, a tweet from the Ministry of Transportation and Communications said.
More than 100 firefighters were involved in rescue efforts at the crash scene, a fire official told Andina.
The crash occurred on the coastal road of Serpentin Pasamayo, Andina reported.
President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski tweeted his solidarity with relatives of the victims of the crash and called it a “tragic accident.”

7 thoughts on “At least 48 dead in Peru bus crash

    1. I agree, things like this are very sad. I read this article to my wife and I said to her how horrible it would be to be the truck driver having the deaths of 48 people laid on your soul. I drove a truck for 32 years and did not ever have an at fault accident, I never caused anyone to ever be hurt, these are things that I constantly thanked the Lord for.

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      1. Yes totally agree, Ted and yes you knew how to drive and those days were surely different where you drivers were vigilant today everyone wants to rush somewhere or the other and no one is bothered for other people.


      2. I trained guys for years and one of the main things that I always stressed was safety. I told them that if you don’t have safety, you have nothing because if you have an at fault accident, especially if you badly hurt or kill someone that your driving career is over. No decent company will hire you mainly because their insurance company will not allow them to hire you. Besides, I would hate to have that on my conscience.

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