A burning zeal


I have been asking myself this question for a long time now yet, no answer. Wondering what’s my purpose in this life! and where I belong in this world. Like am lost the unknown dessert. Or like I don’t belong anywhere.

Then, I had a brief encounter with the YCS. Some people say, I’m obsessed about something I know little or nothing about. True! I know little about YCS yet,I feel like I had always been a YCSer, right from time, like I found my missing self in YCS.

Some people also say, Imjustwastingmytimeandenergyonsomethingthatwon‘t work. Maybe True! But then, I believe in Christ all things are possible, and when you are working for Him, He is not only helping you do so but also do your work in a marvelous way for you .

Then others…

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