Have you seen Jesus?

It's a God thing...

I’ve been ‘seeing’ Jesus all my life – finding him in all kinds of ways.

But he isn’t just wishful thinking, or a product of my imagination.

He isn’t the ridiculous delusion some would claim him to be.

I first saw Jesus in the stories read to me from the Bible at home, and the talks at church every Sunday.

I saw him in the Sunday School choruses and the conversations at morning tea.

I saw him at night when I prayed, and in answers he gave me the next day.

I saw Jesus when my heart was breaking and I needed someone to talk to.

I saw Jesus when I opened up the Gospels and learnt about the God-man who died for me and rose from the dead.

I see him still, in the thousands of ways he comes through for me every single day.

Though I’ve not seen…

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