Walking to oblivion- Dalhousie to Ganji Pahadi

Travel - my best teacher

I half-heartedly boarded the train to Amritsar after the sojourn in Patnitop. My ‘never say no’ attitude towards travel made me agree to my friend’s decision of visiting Golden Temple and Wagah Border. But, as I sat by the window watching the snow-capped mountains pass by, a mere thought of leaving them and going back to the mundane (plains) instilled a sense of fear in me. As if, I would never be able to visit the Himalayas again! All my lies and struggle to take leave from the office seemed less fruitful.

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A research from the internet revealed that Dalhousie and Dharamshala were close to Pathankot. My love for the Himalayas made me convince my friend to get down at Pathankot and how merrily I hopped on the bus to Dalhousie! The sun was setting with its stark orange rays separating the valley from…

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