(Hurt felt Poem) Dear Ole Dad’s Day



Dear ole Dad, were you fortunate enough to have one

It would be nice to have fond childhood memories of Him

When an adult looks back through the pages of their lives

Do we see only blank spots in the places of the good times

Is a beer bottle what you see when you think of your Dad


Growing up you are hoping you can fulfill so many expectations

A poor child it is who grows up where there is no such a thing

There is one thing dear ole Dad accidentally did agree to teach me

If you ever wanted to be a real man, then don’t act like he has been

Wish things for all could be better, yet in truth, we all carry many sins


When we grow up we will all do better than He, I wish I could say I had

Different Sins are still Sins they all matter when our actions hurt our kids

Emotional and Physical Abuse of the Weak shows that You are weak and sick

Yet not to be there at all is such a cruel and heart breaking thing to do to them

Thirty years of your tears can’t make up for five years of their childhood missed


I pray that your Dad was and is a good, honest, decent father to his kids

Fond memories I hope fill your thoughts when they cross the path of Him

Another Fathers Day in the books, hopefully you were able and willing to hug

Names not written in Stone can still bring future smiles to all kids lives involved

If your Dad is still breathing I hope He was in Your eyes worthy of a Card or Call



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