(Humanity Poem) Compassion



Do we ever suffer because of another’s ill’s and pain

Does mercy enter our heart for the starving children

The burdens of our brothers, do we lift a finger to help

Every morning God renews our chance to love others

Is the fire in our Soul for mercy, or to crush the weak


Have we ever helped take up the burden of a weary traveler

Do we snatch up the bed and the roof of the poor and helpless

Sorrow I feel for the rich as they tout their ignorant transgressions

As a person of Faith do we charm the politicians as they steal

Sorrowful hearts without actions are worthless as an empty plate


Are we filled with sinful desire for the wealth or spouse of another

Compassion, is it only for when a camera is pointing in our direction

When our child asks us for bread do we give them a viper instead

Compassion will always rule the heart and Soul of a Godly person

Without Compassion and Love, were already dead but don’t know it


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