Iranian Imperialism, Jew-Hatred Could Spark a New Israeli-Hezbollah War

Peace and Freedom

By Eric Rozenman  

Supporters of Lebanon’s Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah chant slogans and gesture during a rally marking Al-Quds day in Beirut’s southern suburbs in Lebanon on June 23, 2017. (Photo: Reuters)

Lebanese Prime Minister Sa’ad Hariri’s November 4 resignation was reported as the latest development in a Middle East power struggle between Shi’ite Muslim Iran and Sunni Muslim Saudi Arabia. That conflict already featured coalition and proxy wars in Syria and Yemen and growing Iranian influence in Iraq.

Hezbollah claimed the Saudis hoped Israel would help them by striking it, the Lebanese  “Party of God,” on its home territory. Israel and Hezbollah fought a 34-day war in 2006, sparked by the latter’s deadly raid into Israel to kidnap soldiers and accompanying launch of hundreds of rockets at Israeli civilian and military targets.

But not just Iranian strategic maneuvers—including efforts to complete a “land bridge” from…

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11 thoughts on “Iranian Imperialism, Jew-Hatred Could Spark a New Israeli-Hezbollah War

    1. I agree that you are technically correct but I am sort of not sure when it comes to Hezbollah and Lebanon. It appears that Hezbollah has a death grip on the political and legal system in Lebanon. They also seem to have more fire power than the official government of Lebanon as far as their policing and military is concerned. It is a very sad thing for the people of Lebanon that Hezbollah even exists in their country. Do you think that if Hezbollah starts a war against Israel that the government of Lebanon would force Hezbollah out of their country? Do you think that they even could make them leave? Next, my main question is, if Hezbollah starts a war with Israel, would the government of Lebanon go to war against Hezbollah, a civil war per say? I don’t believe that Israel wants any war but if they are attacked thousands of Lebanon’s citizens are going to get killed in Israels retaliation. One of the things that I am worried about is that Iran as Hezbollah’s financier of cash and weapons will join in the war if they see that Israel is kicking their behinds. I am also concerned that Hamas will start a fight on Israels southern border at the same time. For several months now Tehran has been meeting with Hamas figures, there is nothing good about this situation. Also, I honestly don’t believe that the U.S. Government will step in to help Israel and that is something that sickens me just thinking about that. It looks like the Saudi’s are more likely to help Israel against Iran, if they do get directly involved in the conflict, than our own government has the guts or will to do. No war, no conflict is always better for the people of any country but I honestly hope that when, not if, it happens that Israel takes off their gloves and totally finishes them, accept no cease fire, except only the total end of anyone who attacks them ever again. Dolly, please leave me comments, I have faith in you as an extremely wise friend, I do listen to every word you say to me, I know that I learn many things from you, I cherish you as a friend and as a mentor. Shalom.

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      1. Ted, I think that, even though Hezbollah is firmly entrenched in Lebanon, it isn’t Lebanon. Therefore, I believe that Lebanon understands the situation: as you are saying, if Israel retaliates against Hezbollah, many innocent civilians in Lebanon will get hurt. I believe that Israel will find a way out of this dilemma without going to war with Lebanon, and Lebanon, while not ejecting Hezbollah out of the country, will find a way to cooperate with Israel in order to protect its own citizens.
        I am not sure how wise I can be sitting on my whatchamacalit in Florida, while my family and friends are here being subjected to attacks every day, but what I am hearing from them is that there will not be a war. I don’t think I have a moral right to say anything about Israeli policies or decisions while I am here, sitting pretty and being safe!


      2. Thank you very much for your wisdom, I very, very much appreciate you. I hope that there is never ever another war or ‘conflict’ (remember, Vietnam was a conflict, not a war’), all I can say to our government regarding that is “really”. I wish that no one anywhere on earth had to be subjected to any violence, ever. But we both know that my wish will not be fulfilled even during our lifetimes. Dolly, thank you for the kindness of getting back with me. Anytime you write me anything I am always eager to read your words.—ted

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      3. I wish you well, I know that this is a hard time of the year for Professors and for people like my sister who is a Methodist Minister up in northern Illinois. I’ll quit bothering you for a while and let you get your work done.

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      4. Aw my friend, there is a difference though. You are Semi retired and I am retired from driving a Semi. Bad joke I know, but it was the best I could come up with on short notice. About the only thing I ever do anymore is sit here in our living room and watch TV or try to learn from things I get to read here on my computer. You still have a lot of real work to do that will keep you busy and I don’t.

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