(Personal History Poem) I Am Blessed



I am blessed among the men of the Earth

I have a girl who has a light in her heart

She gave me a Son, the light of my old age

One can never stay angry if they’re truly in love

The love she has given me is free from her heart

Can a man truly deserve such wonder and grace


Born into ignorance and anger, a hard way to start

One does not have to emulate ignorance and pain

The choices we make decide the life we will live

As a child your eyes are set on your 18th Birthday

You walk out the door with no regrets, only pain

Blessed to be free, finally a road we pave ourself


Blessed by the Lord though His light on me did strike

In old age I did marry a sweet lady, so thankful am I

Filled with grace for the love they both have given me

I am blessed to have a Wife and Son who pamper me

When you have a wonderful child not of your own blood

They are the wife and child they don’t have to be to me

Yes Lord, through Your Grace, I am truly a very blessed man




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