North Korea Has Launched A Ballistic Missile



North Korea has launched a ballistic missile after a two-month pause, according to South Korea’s joint chiefs of staff

 November 28 at 1:51 PM
The last North Korean missile launched before today’s report was fired over Japan on Sept. 15. That launch capped a bout of activity that had heralded a number of technological developments in North Korea’s weapons program, including the test of its most powerful nuclear bomb yet.
This is a developing story. It will be updated.

5 thoughts on “North Korea Has Launched A Ballistic Missile

    1. I agree, you know, I believe that the people of all Nations could get along better if they didn’t have such ignorant hate filled egomaniacs for Leaders. I said way back before we ever invaded Iraq in 2003 that what we should do is send in several trained snipers and explosives experts and simply take out Saddam and his two sons and leave the people of Iraq and their infrastructure alone. This would have been much better for the people of Iraq. I believe that the same thing should be done to the little fat boy with the stupid haircut, put a bullet between his eyes along with several of his top aids and generals, and leave the poor starving people of North Korea alone. I do believe that this idiot (the one in NK) is going to fire off several nukes at one time with multiple targets while he is hiding in some mountain underground bunker. The world is changing, and as I know that you know, not for the better.

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      1. I have to agree, seems like we could save a lot of innocent lives and lives of our on service men, surely we have the capacity to do this. This waste of life in Iraq is a stain, so many young men lost for nothing.


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