(Religious Poem) The Spirit Of God-Do We Know Him



The Apostles tell us of the Father and of the Son

Yet, who is this Comforter of whom they speak

Who can quiet the troubles of the flesh and heart

Our Task Masters beat us and the government thieves

Grafted in as partakers of the promises of Creation

Who can lift the burdens of the heart and the Soul


Can our hands still touch the garments of the Lord

Are the Words of God the Sinew of the Soul of a man

When flesh lay corrupted in the dirt are we but sleeping

Do our loved ones understand the Comfort of Your Hand

The Pharisees believed in rebirth yet they were still blind

Is the Kingdom of God-given only to those who possess faith


Only through faith can a man truly walk with their Creator

Comfort and strength springs forth only from the Lion of Juda

Can a man find peace with scales baked upon their heart and Soul

No one can do the work of the Lord if we refuse His Comforter

Without faith it is impossible to understand the peace of the Lord

With faith the Spirit of God will indwell the Tabernacle, called man



4 thoughts on “(Religious Poem) The Spirit Of God-Do We Know Him

    1. Thank you for your kindness Brother. I appreciate you stopping in and for the comments you leave. Some folks really blast me even for the simplest of things. There are some articles that I either copy paste over or simply reblog over to the site and I will get some very angry emails for doing it. Al I can say is, o well, grow up.


      1. It is amazing how angry people are. This world is just full of very angry people. It’s crazy. I got absolutely nailed with vitriolic contempt when I blogged on Atheism on Tumblr. Man, Oh, Man, it’s sickening. God bless you in all that you do my brother!!!


      2. God’s grace to you and your loved ones too Shane. I know of what you are speaking as I get blasted with hate filled stupidity quite often. The ignorance, the hate, its just stupid and people don’t care, it is amazing sometimes. I hope that you are able to have a great week, stay safe, God bless.


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