The empirical mathematics of enlightenment

The Essence Within

Generally, people cultivate their material essence – wealth, intellect, demeanor, relationships and religion – but altogether fail to develop their inner essence – the spiritual essence within every sentient being. This usually causes an acute failure to find true in all they do, whether they become a king, a president, a dollar-millionaire and so on.

The human mind is the source of all suffering since it is the device with which we escape from the Garden of Eden. Lack of enlightened minds causes us to be like the donkey that carries a load of wool on one side, balanced by heavy sand on the other sand. Then we move on through life with tones of burdens while groping in the darkness for some peace of mind and others ceaselessly pray to God for some respite.

Yet this is the situation in all societies without exception. Understand that societies from different…

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