Smoking Turkey


This is not a mistake. It’s not smoked turkey; these are turkey cigars. You can’t smoke them, so you’ll have to eat them! They are pictured next to a real cigar, made by my husband’s boutique cigar company Senor Solomon Kosher Cigars. This unique cigar is 12 inches long, 70 gauge, and it’s called The Senor. Some jokers dubbed it Monica Lewinsky cigar, but let’s be family oriented here. I am not plugging my husband’s business; the company is temporarily on hold due to restructuring and expanding.


I simply had this crazy idea of combining a spring roll, a deli roll, and a Moroccan cigar. Sometimes I follow Morticia Addams’ advice: I play with my food.

Rtle Rsts 1.jpg

I love these gluten free spring roll wrappers, and I constantly experiment with them. This time, I wrapped them around turkey pastrami. Incidentally, for a vegan version, Tofurky turkey deli can be…

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