Singapore -The Lion City

Jana's Mummy

When imagining Singapore, I only thought of tall infrastructures, a dazzling skyline and the hustle bustle of a city sprawling with tourists. I wasn’t too far off in terms of the number of tourists in Singapore but I was very pleasently surprised at the beauty of it! There was an abundant amount of trees and greenery which was so pleasing to the eyes, especially since we’ve been living in the desert for the past six months. We found ourselves with in awe of all the natural beauty and the man made structures too.

Saqibis more into city breaks and the idea of big theme parks i.e. Universal studios which also leads us to his obsession with dinosaurs which leads us to Jurassic park. I’ve been wanting an outdoor experience. More hands on. I like to be out in the wild and with nature. It just turned outso perfect to be…

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2 thoughts on “Singapore -The Lion City

  1. This is a marvelous example of what can be done, with discipline and commitment to a community, by its members. My in-laws visited Singapore, in the 1980’s, and were most impressed with it, even then.


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