(Wisdom Poem) Learn Truth, Learn Wisdom, Live Well



Learn the council of the wise in your youth

For a fools droppings will return to them

Do not garner a profit from a poor neighbor

When you rob the poor the eyes of the Lord see’s

To anger the Lord is worse than pure ignorance


Never give or except a roof or a bed for surety

The landmarks of the Ancient see you do not move

If sitting at a rich man’s table eat as though you’re full

The bigger the house the smaller the heart therein

The evil heart hids his knife between your ribs


Wisdom in the ears of a fool grows his hate for you

Teach your young that a swat on the rear will not kill

A wise child brings a smile to the face of their parents

God smiles upon the adult child who loves his Mother

Learn Truth, learn Wisdom, and in two lives be cherished


15 thoughts on “(Wisdom Poem) Learn Truth, Learn Wisdom, Live Well

      1. O, well thank you for your kindness. I don’t write a whole bunch but I do write a few. I have had this blog since Sept of 2012 and it would be my guess that I have probably put about 100 or so of my poems in during that time. I am very pleased that you like some of the things that I have written. Thank you very much for reading and for taking the time to comment, I appreciate you very much.

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    1. Thank you, you are very kind. To me, it is a humbling thing when some of my readers like something that I have written myself. Way back when I was in college and started taking Creative Writing classes I have always felt that when I write something, that I honestly never know if what I am putting on paper is going to be looked at as really good, or just as total garbage by those who choose to read it. So when a person says that they liked it, it is very humbling. One of the things that I strive very hard not to have, is an ego. To me, people like Donald Trump, with his Universe size ego, are a total disgrace to themselves and they are to stupid to even care. Thank you again—ted

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      1. You are welcome, Ted and you know I have also started writing short stories and I have not gone for any classes but just write for my pleasure and for sure send it to some of my friends to know how it is going and I think we are writers feel nice when someone says good things about our stories though if you ask a critic he or she will give you their best opinions. So it is k to keep on doing what you like best and yes so agree with you no ego cause that puts us down and then we think why that person did not like our story and all that nonsense.


      2. I know that I am no great writer, not even close. When I went to college and one of the classes I needed to take was Creative Writing I was very worried because I didn’t know the first thing about writing and English had always been my worse subject matter. The Professor had a list of things that we had to do during the semesters. Among the list was x-# of Poems, or short stories, or plays. I chose poems because I had no faith in my ability to write short book stories and definitely no faith in my ability to write a play so poems it was. Turned out that a total of 4 of my poems were put into the schools year books, surprised the heck out of me that many folks were liking things I had written. I would rather be surprised by success than be be one who expects it and who gets mad when others trash my work.—I hope you are able to have a great Thanks Giving weekend, stay safe, God bless.—ted


      3. Welcome Ted and so great to hear that your poems did well so see never underestimate yourself. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family though here in India we do not have this occasion. God bless you too.


      4. I believe that here in the U.S. we should not have this as a holiday either as in reality this was the real beginning of the genocide of the American Indian population and of their culture. At least this is not looked upon as some kind of a religious holiday. To me and to the folks that I have know during my life it has always just been a good excuse for families and friends to get together and share the friendship and a good meal, and of course for many folks its about the food and then watching American Football all afternoon and evening. Thank you very much for the kindness of you kind words, I hope that you are having a good week.

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