Dancing with Dolphins

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“There’s no question dolphins are smarter than humans as they play more” – Albert Einstein


Swimming with wild dolphins in Rockingham, Western Australia

A magical experience with some of the ocean’s most playful creatures

With Sián’s birthday looming, I agonised and deliberated for hours trying to find the perfect gift which would say I love and appreciate you, and most importantly, thank you for putting up with my bull$*#!. Rather than a physical gift I decided to book us in on a long overdue exploit of some kind. I finally settled on a local ecotourism experience swimming with wild dolphins, and a horse-riding expedition (a tale for another day).

While rolling out of bed at sunrise (or what felt like it) on a Sunday morning may not sound like fun to some, luckily for me, Sián is an early riser with a keen sense of adventure. On the day in…

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4 thoughts on “Dancing with Dolphins

    1. My daughter and her husband have taken their two kids swimming with the dolphins in the Carribean a couple of times and they loved it. Once they took the kids to go swimming with the sharks, my youngest grandchild who was only 7 would not get out of the boat though, they said he grabbed hold of the mast and would not let go. I think he was the smartest of them all.

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