The Culture Shock of Moving to America

Buddhaful Britt

One can’t possibly know which nuances of acculturation will trigger a response, either positive or negative. Manny’s entry to America has become my own personal social experiment.

Anthropology was my favorite subject in college; I love immersing myself in all cultures and learning as much as possible about my host country.

I’m a passionate traveller; but Manny has never left India until now.

I’ve been carefully studying his every move; his mood swings, the overwhelming moments, the things that make him happy… and the situations which cause him to shut-down completely.

He has been in the United States for about two months now. He grew up watching American movies, and felt that moving to the States would be a piece of cake, but that was not the case… whatsoever.  

I tried to prepare him for the “Culture Shock” he was about to encounter, but there was no way…

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