I’m convinced cynicism is contagious,

Fascinated by people puzzles.

If you can dish but you can’t take,

Don’t challenge me to a fun sarcasm game.

It’s in my nature to mirror whom I interact with,

I chose kind & cool over pride & ego trips.

I trust my intuition before another’s opinion,

I can feel for myself.

Not all minds fit in my destination,

Sorry to the ones who’ve been left behind.

I should not be afraid to love,

And why should I be afraid to confess,

If my love is my honesty?

I have no energy for enemies,

They’re present in peace or not at all.

I know I can fight like a warrior,

When I have to be.

See my dear! In the end,

The good one always wins.

These words I say,

I mean them,

Not because they sound good.

The thing about wanderers is,

We never…

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