Vienna Coffee for the Doomed


I was privileged to attend a unique gala concert, “a tribute to artistic creativity and survival in Terezin.” The fortress Therezienstadt was built at the end of 18th century by the Austrian Emperor Joseph II who named it in honor of his mother Maria Theresa. However, the Nazis found another use for the quaint little town. In 1940 it became a concentration camp, mainly for Czechoslovakian Jews, but also for Jews from Austria and Germany. “More than 150,000 Jews were sent there, including 15,000 children, and held there for months or years, before being sent by rail transports to their deaths at Treblinka and Auschwitz extermination camps in occupied Poland, as well as to smaller camps elsewhere.  Less than 150 children survived” (

Entrance at the inner camp of Terezin.  "Arbeit macht frei" means "Works frees."

Barbed wire and the infamous concentration camp slogan “Work Frees” marked the entrance to the inner camp of Terezin. Conditions were dismal, and, even though Terezin…

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