Inverted logic


When it comes to political stances that straddle the delineations of the conservative and liberal political philosophies many paradoxes and inconstances tend to surface. In some instances, a political philosophy upholds diametrically opposing beliefs. One glaring example would be the stance the correlation between someone’s prospective on gun control and abortion. Whether logically sound or not odds are you can predict someone’s stance on abortion based on their stance on gun control. Perhaps this phenomenon can be attributed to correlating factors within a specified political philosophy that justifies the incongruence and relinquishes any lingering cognitive dissonance. However, I do not even have a clue how we would even begin to decipher the root cause of this occurrence or even begin to properly analyze it.

However, incongruencies in political thoughts and rhetoric are not limited to merely a political philosophy having conflicting ethos, but can also be applied to logical…

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