But why…?

La crise migratoire européenne, de l'arrivée à la gestion des flux de réfugiés

I always had a lot of questions.
I was 6 years old and had raised my hand…again. The teacher, a kind woman but with limited patience like all humans, took a deep breath. “Yes?” She was ready for my first words, “But Mrs.____ why…?”

Even after all these years it’s the first question I ask.

It’s a relevant question too. Why are the four of us concentrating on refugees in Europe? Why the five countries we’ve chosen? There are lots of crises, why this one, why this way?

Rather than answering for my colleagues I’ll let you know the background and my personal motivations. Being part of a rigorous masters, the professor gave us broad parameters to follow: the subject must be relevant and regarding immigration. Second, I wanted to work with colleagues who share similar passions. I’ve found myself amongst some brilliant women, and we were delighted to discover…

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