(Philosophy/Poem) Daddy’s Little Princess

Daddy’s Little Princess



Little girls are so pretty from the time they are born

With their smiles like heaven so tender and warm

They learn to toddle and waddle and land on their buns

With eyes lit like Angels, with hearts so tender and warm


God’s gifts from Mommy’s bellies to Daddy’s outstretched arms

The Princess is taken to her castle where she is safe from all harm


Till school does begin and her new world she does charm

Smiling, and tender is she Daddy wrapped around her finger

Till finished with schooling then her beau down on one knee


Her Knight in shining armor does take her away

From Mom and Dad to her new castle she goes

Where the Queen of her own domain she now be


Not long in her new Kingdom her belly does rise

The Lord delivers to her and her King a 7 pound delight

A little bundle with bright pink blanket and shining eyes

With a smile like unto Heaven, a new Princess arrives

5 thoughts on “(Philosophy/Poem) Daddy’s Little Princess

  1. It is not the first time I came up this poem and wanted to like it, but the system does not want to give the “Like” buttons; So here I want to let you know I once more enjoyed this musing.


    1. Thank you for your kindness, I very much appreciate you. I hear from folks once in awhile who tell me that for some reason things like the ‘like button’ aren’t there or that it doesn’t work. I am a person who knows almost nothing about computers or technology so unfortunately I don’t know how to fix things that are broken. I very much appreciate you taking of your time to talk with me, thank you Sir.


      1. You are welcome. And when I shall encounter an interesting article on your site I shall not hesitate to let others know about it (e.g. by re blogging it on From Guestwriters).

        God bless.


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