If Not For President Putin, Bernie Sanders Would Be The U.S. President?

If Not For President Putin, Bernie Sanders Would Be The U.S. President


Folks, this article to you this evening is obviously just my opinion but if I did not believe that it was correct I would not waste my time or your time with it. Last fall the American people really only had two choices that we were being allowed to have in our vote for our next President. We had the reality that we were either going to have as our next President “Crooked Hillary”, or we could have Donald “Fake News” Trump. During the campaign (DFNT) used as one of his slogans concerning “Crooked Hillary” was “lock her up.” This was even though he knew darn well that if he won that he was not going to pursue this venture, just as he knew that Mexico was not ever going to pay far any wall. If you are one of the few people in the world that didn’t know it before he stole the election from Hillary (because of Putin), he “the Donald” is and has always been, an habitual liar.


As I am sure you caught it, my statement about this Fraud in Chief steeling the election from Hillary, I do actually believe that is correct. Personally I believe that Russian hackers were able to infiltrate several of the State election systems thus taking a few of the States away from Hillary and giving them to Trump, thus swinging the election to him. I do believe that history will prove this as a fact but, what about now? What do we as the American public do about having a FRAUD President in the Oval Office? If he is impeached and imprisoned for the rest of his life as he should be, who takes his place, Mike Pence, the VP? But since Trump is illegally in office, Mike Pence is not legally the VP so it is unfair to allow him to be put into the Office of President, so now what? The next in line would Constitutionally have to be the Speaker of the House Paul Ryan. But for how long? Personally the most honest answer would be to swear Bernie Sanders into Office for one seven-year term with that being a one time gig for him, no second term.


As I stated above, I totally believe that Trump and Putin stole the election from Hillary, but, and it is a big but, she stole the Democratic Nomination from Senator Bernie Sanders. Hillary illegally took over the controls of the DNC rigging the process so that only she could win the Nomination. By the events that I have been learning, Hillary is guilty of several frauds, tax evasions, among several other Felonies. So, it is my honest opinion that if President Putin had not interfered in our elections the Democratic Nominee would be our President right now. The only one of the three biggest candidates (Trump, Hillary, and Sanders) who are not guilty of mass felonies is Mr. Sanders. So, in my opinion Mr. Sanders should be awarded the Presidency ASAP. The other two pathetic egomaniacs should be put into Fort Leavenworth Prison for the rest of their lives. This is just a short oped, just wanted to tweak your thoughts to see what you think. Just think of all of the damage that Donald Trump has done to our country here and abroad in this 10 months he has been sitting in the White House. I do have to wonder how the world would be different if we didn’t have this idiot moron of a fool pretending to be the American President.

6 thoughts on “If Not For President Putin, Bernie Sanders Would Be The U.S. President?

    1. Sir, I totally agree with you. Thank you for reading my article, I appreciate you taking of your time to do that. Also, I would like to thank you for the kindness taking the time to comment.—ted


  1. Hi there, as much as i abhor this election’s “candidates”, barring Putin’s interference, Bernie still wouldn’t be President. The DNC rigged the primaries in favor of Hillary, Sanders had no chance to run for the presidency.


    If Russian “hackers” did not interfere, then Hillary would be in office now. You propose that Sanders be installed de facto b/c he is the least corrupt. That’s not such a bad wish, he was my first (and only) choice, but sadly in our crappy system that’s just never gonna happen.

    Oh well, 3 more agonizingly long years to go!


    1. I still have a feeling that this Idiot in Chief that we have now is going to either get himself impeached before the 2018 elections or someone somewhere is going to put a cap in his butt. Even though I can’t stand this fraud I would choose impeachment and life in prison over someone capping his stupid butt.—Thank you for taking of your time to stop in and for the comment.

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  2. Hum. I like your post. I disagree with much of it. But I really respect you and your ideas. What we need, in our new political climate, is a return to good discussion, good dialog.

    So allow me to offer a few counter-thoughts.

    The idea that Sen. Sanders should be appointed President. . . Well, it sounds. . . Ah, it sounds a whole lot like the way it works in many countries around the world where democracy has been toyed around with, but never really worked well. Counties in which an elected president is overthrown by those who didn’t vote for him.

    The way it could work is that President Trump might be impeached by both House and Senate. If so, then Sen. Sanders would be appointed. . . Wait. No, that’s not how it would work. There’s a document that once-upon-a time told us how things are to work in our form of governance. The Constitution.

    Besides, who would appoint Sen. Sanders? Who would tell President Trump he is being replace by Sen. Sanders. Federal Armed Forces? Perhaps. Many on the right side of center have said that our previous POTUS weeded out military commanders who might NOT be in favor of such action against the American people.

    It seems to me that there is an easier solution that might spare some lives. All those who truly believe President Trump is not their president might relocate to the Republic of California, fondly referred to as the ROC, and secede from the United States. Sen. Sanders could be appointed as President of the ROC.

    California might be too small to accept such mass immigration, however.

    Perhaps a better solution would be to simply divide the United States into self-governing regions. Lump together the redoubt States, the old South, some of the Western States, the Eastern States. Let the mid-Western States form a loose coalition or join a neighboring regions. There’s a few States in the frozen Northeast that might join with Canada, eh. Texas is an interesting question, though. Perhaps just give it back to Mexico to avoid it having to fight a war on its own. Alaska? Hawaii? Oh, well, Let them be neutral areas, sanctuary States to which apolitical centrists may flee.

    Keep thinking and writing.

    L-RD Bless, Keep, Shine upon you and yours.


    1. I love you comment. One of the main things that I do when I write an article is that I try to get people to think, whether they agree with me or not. Do you remember when you were back in school and you were given writing assignments where you had to argue for a point of view that you did not agree with? That is sort of what I do a lot, I know that I am not the brightest bulb in the package, nor do I know everything about anything, but I do try to get people to think. I really enjoyed your comment, would you mind if I make a blog post of your comment? I promise that I will give you full credit and I promise that I will not change one single word of yours. Again, thank you very much for the kindness of the comment.—ted

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