(Philosophy/Faith/Poem) How Tall Are We On God’s Ruler


How Tall Are We On God’s Ruler


We’re there marks upon your Granny’s wall

That measured our years with a stick and pencil

We make our marks upon the events of our lives

But at what place we choose to spread our wings



Do you really feel as tall as it say’s you are

All our life we had to measure up, but to what

A true measure can only be done by the soul

Yet how could a man ever find a Spirit ruler


How high can we get upon on our boss’s ladder

At the end of one’s life, what does it really matter

Are we ruled in our sleep, by our day’s actions

In our end of our day’s, boss’s mean nothing anyway

We all lay in the bowels of the Earth quietly waiting

For the real owner of our Soul to call our name


Four foot or seven it does not matter in Heaven

The size of our hearts and our brain does not save

Bank accounts and big houses aren’t the measure

In the end the fruit of our Soul is all that matters








2 thoughts on “(Philosophy/Faith/Poem) How Tall Are We On God’s Ruler

    1. Yep, I agree with you. Even in Scripture the Heart is portrayed as being the center of the person. If you remember in the days of Egyptian mummification they just reached up through the nose and yanked the brain out and threw it away, this is because they also thought that the heart was in effect, the Soul. We so called modern folks still do this day word things as if we thought the Heart does the thinking even though we know better. ( Example: I love you with all my heart: The heart doesn’t think, the only ‘thinking’ comes from the brain.)

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