Problems Muslims Face In The Modern World

The Modern World

As a starting post, I would like to begin with the many issues Muslims face today. Most of these are linked to terrorism and extremism or are caused by them.

One of the problems are anti-muslim attacks. These are caused by people who blame the whole population of Muslims rather than the  specific individual, for a terrorist attack which was purely not their fault. After events such as 9/11 and the Paris attacks, there has been a major/massive increase in  the anti-muslim attacks. However, the thing is, though we think that Islamophobia had stopped before those attacks, it hadn’t. It only decreased but after these unfortunate events, people just found another reason to justify themselves for blaming Muslims and Islam. Furthermore, Muslims are being penalised in society regardless of what country they are in. In addition, it has previously been suggested that a database should be made of all Muslims. This…

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