Making time for God is crucial

Immanuel Verbondskind - עמנואל קאָווענאַנט קינד

For centuries the globe has turned around and brought forth generations of peoples having their own customs and having their own hopes.

Many of those gone before us have let their life pass them by, without thinking about what’s important. Do you want to go the same way as they? Are do you have better aspirations.

There are young women who face daily problems which make them challenge and question what they believe. One such young woman writes

It’s important that we reflect upon our day, week or life. We can see what God has done for us, and thank him for the things he’s done for us. {Making Time for God}

She knows that reading the Bible is a way of  hearing God’s word. She writes

Scripture guides us on what to do and how to serve the Lord. We can turn to the Bible in times of sadness…

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