Under Attack!

My Life - His Rules

I have been growing in Christ at a good pace this past 3 years.  After neglecting my walk with Jesus for quite a few years, I returned to my first love, and He is better than ever.  That’s not to say I don’t stumble, trip over a curb and fall flat on my face from time to time, because I do.  I’m really good at tripping over my own feet, metaphorical or not.
After a crisis point in our marriage, I realized how far away from God I had moved over about a 5 – 7 year period.  How did that happen?  Well, you know, life. Life got in the road and I let it take over.  There were many reasons it happened and the important thing is the lessons I learned from that time period.  I made some huge mistakes that almost cost me everything.  Praise God, He saved…

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