Straight From A Mother’s Heart !!

From TINA'S Desk - Poetry,Thoughts & Expressions !!

A mother is born again the day she becomes one .

It’s such a happy-sad mixed feeling to see your children out grow your lap first and then gradually struggle to learn the ways of life , to be part of the bigger world . Perhaps only a mother can understand this strong unexplained emotion.

Like someone very rightly said “Let me love you a little more before you are not little anymore “.

The day you become a mother your entire aura changes and automatically you transform into this super protective responsible being overnight . Your priorities change and most of the things you cherished doing for yourself only, takes a back seat though for a while until they are on their own .

A strange sense of belonging takes over and you tend to become emotionally inclined towards these tender little ones like your whole world revolves around…

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