LifeGoesOn… withAsmile 😊

From TINA'S Desk - Poetry,Thoughts & Expressions !!

Lost in my own thoughts …Searching for answers I never really hope to get ,

Questioning my mind … Searching for the very essence of my being .

What is my purpose ?

Where is this life leading to ?

Why am I here ?

Who is the real I ?

Questions are many yet answers none ,

The past is over and cannot be undone .

It took me by surprise ,

I hear a mild soothing voice calling my name.

In a distant hamlet you reside.

Beckoning me to aspire high.

” Dream on girl ,no matter what no matter why just keep smiling and there’s no stopping by ”

Oh !! I know that voice … it is you the inner strength voicing again.

You give me hope you give me that jest ,

I am up again to take up life’s quest .

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