Can Hackers Can Spy Through Your iPhone?

The Conversation Room

When former FBI Director James Comey was asked “Do you put tape over your laptop camera?”

His answer was telling “heck yeah. heck yeah

Comey is not the only high profile expert who takes personal device security seriously. Matthew Green, encryption expert at Johns Hopkins University recently told Yadron the reason he doesn’t cover his camera is:

“Because I’m an idiot, .. I have no excuse for not taking this seriously … but at the end of the day, I figure that seeing me naked would be punishment enough.”

With millions of us accepting technology into the most intimate elements of our lives, carrying around cameras and microphones in our pockets everyday, privacy has taken a back seat and has made us vulnerable as we are prompted to share more and more of our daily lives on social media.

This apathy toward privacy is dangerous. Webcams, laptop microphones and…

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