Abstain from fleshly lusts, which war against the soul


1 Kings 11:1-5, 9-13

We now come to the mournful part of Solomons life, in which the wise man played the fool exeedingly, and proved that the greatest of men, apart from the grace of God, may descend to the worst sins. Who would have thought that Solomon would have become licentious, and the son of David an idolator?

1 Kings 11:13

Dr. James Hamilton has beautifully described the circumstances of this part of Jewish history. “The people murmured. The monarch wheeled along with greater pomp than ever; but the popular prince had soured into the despot, and the crown sat defiant on his moody brow; and stiff were the obeisances, heartless the hosannas, which hailed him as he passed. The ways of Zion mourned; and whilst grass was sprouting in the temple courts, mysterious groves and impious shrines were rising everywhere: and whilst lust defiled the palace, Chemosh and…

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