An optimistic pessimist



Remember the test from my previous post? Well, this is what it says next:  Each time you answer A score 1, each time you answer B score 2, each time you answer C score 3. Then calculate your score, read what it means on page 127 and compare with a partner.

I go to page 127. What are you like? If you scored 19-24, you’re an optimist; if you scored 13-18, you’re Mr. or Ms. sensible; if you scored 8-12, you’re a pessimist.

I’M AN OPTIMIST. (No kiddin’!) You always try to see the positive side of life. You know how to enjoy yourself and you don’t waste time worrying about things that may never happen. But be careful – your friends might find your happy and carefree lifestyle rather irritating at times.

So not true. OK, I do know how to enjoy myself and that’s it. I’m too skeptical…

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