Is God Responsible For ”The Origin Of Life”?


”God says” He created all life. The scientific community looks for natural causes. But is there any evidence for natural causes as the origin of life?

The origin of life has been debated for decades. On one side is religious belief- all life had a supernatural origin from God. On the other side is scientific materialism-life developed through the laws of science and blind chance. Spectacular advances in science seem to have given scientific materialism the upper hand. But what do the scientific discoveries of the last century reveal about this age-old question? Can the origin of life now be proven?

Perhaps a better question is not about” Proof,” but rather, based on current scientific evidence, which is the more credible alternative? Have recent scientific discoveries undercut the claims of religion? Or has the credibility of materialism been damaged?

”Scientific Materialism And The Origin Of Life”

Scientific materialism has no…

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