Pakistani Senators Express Concern Over Disappearances Of People



The Senate’s Standing Committee on Human Rights on Thursday expressed severe concerns over the issue of missing persons and said that those responsible were yet to be identified.

Senator Nasreen Jalil, who was chairing a meeting of the committee, asked who was behind the disappearances of people.

“People were gone missing but still those responsible have not been identified, ” she noted, adding that it was a matter of grave concern.

It is also condemnable that registration of the First Information Reports in such cases is often denied, she said.

“The issue of missing persons is still ongoing in the country as another list of 131 missing persons has surfaced,” she added.

Senator Farhatullah Babar said that according to international laws, a country was bound to protect the rights of people living there. He, however, confessed that as a state they have failed to ensure the provision of human rights to people.

Referring to the violations of human rights in Punjab, Senator Mir Kabeer said that more than 100 labourers in Mandi Bahahuddin had sold their kidneys to pay back loans their parents took.

Senator Nisar Mohammad Khan also expressed concerns over violations of the rights of children and women.

In an earlier meeting, the committee had held law enforcement agencies responsible for the ‘disappearing’ of people.

Earlier in the day, the Supreme Court too had called for a detailed report on all missing persons detained at all government facilities.

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