Allah Is Not A God

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( Philippians 2:10-11 KJV ) “That at the Name of Jesus Christ – Yeshua HaMashiach every Knee should Bow, of things in Heaven, and things in Earth, and things under the earth; And that every Tongue Should Confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the Glory of GOD the Father.” !! Confess With Your Heart and Soul to Jesus-Yeshua Christ, HE LOVES You Everyone Forevermore!!

allah-is NOT a god!!




( Exodus 20:3 KJV ) “Thou shalt have No other gods before ME.”!! 

( Joshua 24:15 KJV ) “And if it seem evil unto you to Serve the LORD, Choose you this day whom ye will Serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell: but as for me and My House…

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9 thoughts on “Allah Is Not A God

  1. This article is a disgrace for any person who loves God and for any one who is a real follower of Jesus Christ and goes in against the love of Christ and against the freedom of languages, imposing the English word for the title ‘god’ to other languages where that title is ‘Allah’ for the God of gods, the Only One True God of Abraham.

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  2. According the Holy Scriptures Jeshua (Jesus/Ishi) is the way to God and is the sent one from God, who is authorised to speak in the name of Allah. Nowhere in any Scripture notated by the prophets in Name of the Most High Divine Creator is written that Jeshua or Jesus is God.


    1. I agree with you that no where in the Bible, Old or New Testament which was written in Hebrew and Greek will you find the word/name Jeshua or Jesus, or Jehovah as there was no letter ‘J’ in their alphabet. These names were added/translated through the Latin then German and English. Yet also no where in the Old or New Testament will you find the word Allah. The Old Testament names for Jesus and God the Father were Yeshua and Yahweh. At least this is so as far as I have been able to find in my studies of Hebrew, Greek, Latin, German and English. Technically I have found through some of my Jewish readers that the ‘word, term’ Allah was an ancient name for God the Father but I have not found it written as so. So, Lord willing, I will keep studying and trying to learn as much as I can.


      1. That there was no letter J does not exclude the new spelling where the Y is now written as a J, the same as in English where the ‘v’ is often now written as a ‘u’. The symbols are still there and the sounds are also still there and known , and today transcribed in a contemporary way. A modern spelling does not take away the meaning nor the value of the word or does not bring any other aspect to the thing or person named.

        concerning Allah in many languages it is still the same meaning as in modern or contemporary Arabic and all people believing or not, Jew, Muslim, Christian and other believers still use that word and as such the Roman Catholic Pope in his public speech on television, two years ago, also said “Allah” when talking about God.

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  3. Allah is a title,meaning ‘god’.

    Are you saying the Roman Catholic Pope and many christians in several European and Asian countries are worshipping a false God, because they say also Allah for God. I would agree that many of those Christians who pray to Allah often take Jesus as their god too, and than they would have an other god or allah than real Christians (who follow the teachings of the prophet Jeshua (Ishi/Jesus/Jezus.Chesu) and Jews and Muslims.

    Jews, Christians and Muslims all over the world worship Allah, the Elohim Hashem Jehovah.

    With blaspheming the title of the Most High you are also blaspheming the Divine Creator.

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    1. I learned from a Jewish friend of mine about Allah being an ancient name for God, way before Muhammad was born so in that I did/do err. Yet it is my belief that He who the people whom believe in Islam as the ‘Faith of God’ do err in that this Being, is not God. I know that we do disagree in this since you are a believer of Islam, it is the Teachings within Islam in that they show massive differences that make it plain that Christians and Islamic believers are not worshiping the same ‘Deity’. We as people can worship a Man, a Stone, or a Cow and call them Jesus, Yahweh, Buddha, Allah or Muhammad yet this does not make it so just because we choose to call the Item, Person, thing, such. I have no anger at anyone who believes in any religion outside of Christianity, I consider all humans as brothers. I do wish that all people before they die would convert their heart, mind and Soul to the teachings of Christ though. The reason is that by the teachings of Christ all of the people who do not do so, if they die without having done so, will be condemning themselves to Hell for eternity and I do not wish anyone to have to suffer such a fate. This is the main reason that a Christian should never ever want to see another person die, once a person is dead, they have no more chances to convert and be saved from Hell’s fire. I very much thank you for the kindness of you taking of your time to comment, I appreciate you putting your words down on paper so that I can learn from your thoughts and beliefs.


      1. As you say when a person dies it is to late to convert. But to have the idea that people when they die would be tortured for ever is either indicating that god is a very cruel instead of loving god. When we look at the Scriptures and at the language of the set apart writings it is clear that Allah says that when a person dies it shall be finished with him. By his death he shall have paid for his sins. When he dies he shall not be able to do anything any more, not be able to use things he gathered in his lifetime, but he shall deteriorate and decay shall bring him to become dust. that seems much more logic and showing a Creator Who is righteous to His creation, not demanding a second payment like your god seems to do.


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