We All Have Lots Of Stones To Throw, Don’t We?

We All Have Lots Of Stones To Throw, Don’t We?


Let He Who Has Not Sinned… 


O, darn it, I wasn’t expecting that second part, heck if I got some stones, I wanna throw them at somebody, don’t you? Ain’t like I ever done nothing wrong where anyone would throw a stone at me after all. As I have gotten older, I have found that I have no interest in throwing any thing at any one. It is sort of like praying for someone to die and to be sent quickly to Hell. Now in my 60’s I can honestly say that I do not hate anyone that much. The Lord knows that I know that I have hurt people in this life I have been given. I have received many blows in my own life, yet it is the ones I have given that distress me the most. I have been beaten when innocent so many times yet I find that throwing a stone back at them does so little good. Sure I could have chosen to kill, but chose not to, could have badly wounded, but stayed my hand. Am I so self-righteous that I do not realize that the only reason I am alive is because others have shown such mercy to me? He Who Has Not Sinned…

3 thoughts on “We All Have Lots Of Stones To Throw, Don’t We?

    1. Thank you for your kindness, I am honored that you like something that I wrote. Once in awhile I try to just do a ‘commentary’ type of article, I guess you could say that once in awhile I try to make a comment on an event into a short form, sort of short and sweet if you will. I very much appreciate you taking of your time to stop in and visit, and to comment, thank you.—ted


      1. Thank you Ted. Why don’t you comment more frequently? Please do as by reading it I learn a lot then I can quote you and/or others in my comments as none knows everything and all our lives we learn,m but, unfortunately, we die stupid as there is so much to learn. Have a nice weekend


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