(Philosophy/Poem) High On A Mountain Top

High On A Mountain Top


Driving a truck for a living you see a lot of sights

The North East big cities and give you thrills or chills

Corn, grain or hay the flat grounds will depress the insane

Cast your sight into the Western Sun let your eyes fill

Snow caps in June enough to get an old heart a pumping

With an 80 thousand pound sled from Peak to dead



Because of your sense of duty you will race a storm at times

3 Hours over on the Book can save you 3 days buried in Butte

Yet sitting in a Truck Stop Parking lot in Butte is its own thrill

The land around Missoula Montana must be Hollowed Ground

High up on the Mountain Top in the Blue Ridge I was born

On this Mountain Top in Kentucky you can see Heavens Gates above



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