Seed of Appreciation in Relationships!


Appreciation is a minute coin that can produce a stupendous effect in someone’s life. It simply means acknowledging, respecting and valuing someone or something done by that person.

Nowadays most of us usually tend to become preoccupied in our lives to an extent that we often overlook or ignore the value of a person.

The efforts put by someone seem to come to a halt or reduces drastically if they get unintentionally or intentionally neglected by the other.

One’s appreciative words and/or actions reflect the amount of importance she/he holds towards somebody.

Acknowledgement and appreciation of other’s strengths and efforts not just increase the optimism in other yet also enhance the quality of the relationship with that person, and that would, in turn motivate the other to share concerns or/and invest more willingly.

Be it our family members, friends, or significant other we may tend to mask appreciation. Appreciation which…

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