(Philosophy/Poem) Explain Your Self

Explain Your Self


Just who do we really think we are

If a stranger asked our spouse about us

What is it do we think they would really say

Would they paint the stranger a happy picture

Or, would they vent and spit venom at our name


Our Children, do you think they ever really knew us

Ever wonder what our kids and theirs think about us

Do you think about if they know you really do love them

Our childhood, how did we really manage to survive it

What have we done for those we can say we really love


So many failures, so many things I wish I could change

Were you are a child just trying to learn to stay out of the way

If you were never taught reality, how can one manage to find it

We hopefully can reach old age if we can live long enough to enjoy it

An Old Wise Man told me this just a few days before he passed away

When we finally learn our self, its time to give our Soul back to God


8 thoughts on “(Philosophy/Poem) Explain Your Self

  1. Honestly I sincerely hope to be able to be still around here for some more time, even when I might have a certain idea who I am and how much I have learned and how much I might still have to learn about my self. Not yet finding it time to give my Soul back to God. 5He owns it already, so why not leave it here for some time?)


    1. You are very kind, I am honored that you liked something that I have written. Thank you for the kindness of your visit and for your comment. I hope that you are able to have a great week.


      1. More than kindness. Your poem resonated with me. Got me reflecting how much I didn’t know about my parents. I considered them my best friends when they were alive. Now they’re gone and I regret not asking and listening to them as much as I should have.


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