Free Speech is a Vital Safety Valve

Political Vibes

Tensions rise between the US and a newly nuclear North Korea, hurricanes devastate communities in the Gulf of Mexico, a genocide in Myanmar, new tax legislation is debated in Congress, etc. However, headlines have been dominated by another issue.

Par for the course, our sensationalized news-givers have chosen to lead with the controversy about NFL players kneeling during the National Anthem. Our nauseating 24-hour news cycle has covered this topic with endless interviews/debates full of people only qualified because they have a Twitter account. President Trump has also thrown gasoline on the news media’s frenzy by firing insults at NFL players using profanity and his famous “you’re fired”.

Anyways, it seems that people have come from every corner and from under every rock to give their misinformed opinion on this First Amendment issue.

NFL players, like all Americans, have the right to express themselves . And the NFL as a private organization has the right…

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