The Invisible Church of God

Hard Times Ministries

It can very easily be said that the invisible aspect of the church does much work daily on behalf of God’s people.  Many Christians perform tasks or deeds on behalf of others all the time without recognition.  Some would or might even refer to this as random acts of kindness.

I assert that there is nothing random about being kind—that kindness is indeed extremely deliberate and well thought out.  Too, by the same token, whereas the performer of these deeds may in fact be ‘unsung’ heroes, they are not really invisible at all, in fact, highly visible to the person who is on the receiving end. By that identical virtue, our God is not really an invisible God.  No, our Lord is highly visible whenever a person, once again is receiving the blessings from those highly visible ministers of God’s Kingdom.

Whereas there is no need to be tooting…

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