It’s Okay To Ask Questions

Soul On Rice

Usually, when I tell people about the years I spent in prison, that I went in at sixteen and got out at twenty-five, they of course seem surprised, but I always get the feeling that they’re reining in their facial expressions, like the most natural part of their response is that one second after my revelation. After that split second, it’s like their faces go blank and they switch to ‘autopilot.’ They’ll nod plainly, look at me with a serious and friendly face, trying their best to ensure that their reaction is as reaction-less as possible. It’s like when a stray dog approaches you, and it’s barking. You don’t want to make any sudden moves that might startle it, because it might attack, but you don’t want to express any form of fear either. Then I get a generic response that’s designed to sound compassionate and curious, but not intrusive…

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