The Road to Success………….

Boundless Blessings by Kamal

the-road-to-success-runs-uphill.jpgThe road to successis not Straight. 

There is a Curve called Failure.

A Loop called Confusion.

Speed Bumps called Friends.

Red Lights called Enemies.

Caution Lights called Family. 

Your laziness called Mind.

And Flat Tyres called Jobs. 

But, if you have a Spare Wheel called Determination, an Engine called Perseverance, Insurance called Trust, Keys that starts the machine of success called Positive thoughts, a Driver called Will Power and a Companion called Motivation you will definitely make it to a place called Success

The Road to Success is an uphill task, strewn with pebbles and difficulties but once overcome with great determination and struggle on one’s part, it becomes a smooth and easy ride. The feeling you have once you get there will make you say “It was sure Worth the Wait“.

Have utmost Faith in yourself which is like a small…

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