The High Cost of Resisting God


Jonah 1:1-17

When Jonah ran away from the Lord, he probably thought he’d escaped an undesirable assignment. But rebellion never makes life better—or easier. Before long, he found himself in an even less pleasant situation: taking a wild ride inside a fish. Two things stand out in this story.

1. Jonah’s determination to get away. The reluctant prophet was sent in one direction but boarded a ship going the opposite way. Perhaps you’ve had the same problem Jonah had: God’s plans don’t match yours. We can coast along, enjoying fellowship with the Lord until the day He asks us to do something we don’t like. That’s the point at which our devotion to Him is tested. If you resist, He will allow a storm to rage in your soul until you submit to His authority.

2. God’s persistence in going after Him. As a prophet, Jonah was to speak for…

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