Had God existed?


It was raining heavily. Shyam reached home and took off his rain coat. His retired father was relaxing in his easy chair reading his favourite evening magazine. His mom came out of the prayer hall after offering her prayers.

Shyam was upset. He was stressed about the multiple things that did not work as he expected. He spoke angrily to his mom who was giving him the ‘prasad’ after prayer.

“What is the point in revering the idol regularly when nothing changes?  The stress and trouble keep increasing every day. Had the God been responsive to your daily reverence, our trials must have disappeared by now”

Shyam’s father listened to him patiently and responded

“Were you wet completely when you entered home from rain?”

“No dad…dint you see me wearing my rain coat?” Shyam replied angrily. He did not like his father raising an irrelevant question.

His father smiled.


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