Matters of Heaven and Earth


Angels will weep

when a mortal will laugh

screaming from agony

while mortals still laugh.

from silent, silent rain

come forth such tears of pain

as to sooth a mortal’s every joy,

since childhood, whether girl or boy…

Final fall… forever frays… Fear,

for peaceful pride and play

such simple matters…

To a mortal’s rise and joy.

While the angels descend

fearful, writhing in pain

for being cast down in such pitiful rain,

now they seek to make amends

But, blatant brutalities

for fear of not

their task would finish

Just as they finish their lot…

such sorrow, such sadness

for a lost cause and lost joy

Redeeming matters

To a fallen angel’s last ploy.

“My wings have been clipped

by immortal hands,

caging me to walk these lands.

In my search to grace the Heavens

I’ve made beasts from steel

to cross the skies.

Yet those immortal hands,


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