Democratic And Republican Parties Are Both Anti-Christ Parties

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September 4, 2016
Democratic And Republican Parties Are Both Anti-Christ Parties

When I was a young child back in the 1950’s-60’s I was raised in a family that believed in the Democratic Party. My parents were folks who believed in the reality that working people if they wanted to be able to financially survive needed Union protections. They also believed that the Republican Party was solely for the wealthiest people and was clearly anti working people. They also believed that the Democratic Party, because they cared about the poor was the party that the Churches backed. I never remember going to a Church that had a Republican Minister simply because the Republicans agenda’s were in direct contrast to the love, kindness and sharing teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ.

In 1973 the U.S. Supreme Court with their ruling on ‘Roe v Wade’ abortion ruling seemed to change the political map within the Churches. The teachings regarding abortion within the Scriptures are definitely anti-abortion yet almost all of the Churches and their Ministers remained as Democrats because they could not transcend over to a Party (Republicans) who were against basically all of the teachings of Jesus about how we should all treat each other. Yet, my question is how can a Church, a Minister, or their congregation openly or even behind closed doors back abortion? How can you say that you or a Minister (that word means, Servant) are a Christian (follower of Christ) and at the same time back abortion?

What I do not understand is why the people who say they are Christians have not created a third National Party! The Democratic Party strongly backs a woman’s “right” to have an abortion at any time during a pregnancy. The Republican Party wants to end all abortions seeing them as the murdering of over a million children here in the U.S. each year. So, Republicans have garnered the “conservative Christians” into their camp because of the abortion issue. This is even though the Republican Party Platform is still strongly anti-working people, and anti the people having the right to work under Union protections.

I am a registered voting Independent because I see both Parties as crooked and pure evil. When the people go to the polls this November we just like every other election know that either a Republican or a Democrat is going to win at every level of Government. To vote for anyone else is nothing more than a protest vote that has no effect on who actually wins the elections, it will be a Democrat or a Republican. So, just like this November we Voters are having to consider which one of the two Evils win. Especially concerning the Presidency this year, which Evil is less Evil, that is what we have to look forward to. For either of these political parties to claim to be close or closer to God is total BS. Evil is still Evil, neither of these Political Parties have the endorsement of the Scriptures of God, so how can anyone who calls themselves a Christian or Jewish endorse or support either of these Demonic structures? I used the title of them being anti-Christ, I am not saying that either Parties leadership is ‘the anti-Christ’. What I am saying is that both Parties policies are in direct indifference to the teachings of God’s Holy Scriptures, thus both Parties are Anti-Christ!

10 thoughts on “Democratic And Republican Parties Are Both Anti-Christ Parties

    1. Thank you for your kindness, I am glad that you liked the article. I reblogged one of your articles yet when I went to look at it the article was only showing in the header at the “Permalink”. That seemed odd to me so I dropped in another note to try to make sure that people could find it for you. It is an excellent article so if you would please check into it to make sure you are getting the appropriate credit. Thanks, —ted


  1. 1. Where do you get off parroting the mantra that jesus is to be thought of as important? He was a criminal that was crucified. Judas was the hero of the bible.

    2. As for Roe vs Wade a lot has happened since the creation of adam and eve and in the oh several thousand years since Adam and Eve some technology has been developed and a public discussion of those developments was necessary and there are people that just want to fuck and quite frankly in a world where we eat cows by the millions every year and we eat millions of chickens and human life is precious the life that is alive and is adult children are not important feti are not important adults are important if a couple wants to fuck and then abort the child they are free to do so because that fetus is not important because it’s not an adult.

    3. Christians are retarded I know I went to University they harrassed our campus every quarter.

    4. You just used the phrase pure evil in regards to national politics, your opinion does not count.


    1. I could easily say that a persons opinion such as your own is so filled with ignorance and hate that anything you have to say is pure ignorance and not worthy of anyone’s time because that is what hate filled stupidity is, a waste of everyone’s time. I do hope that your heart and Soul mature before your last breath, for your own sake.


      1. never been accused of ignorance before but i write bibles i was inspired by THEE bible to keep my books filled with short stories and moral plays … what you champion as the authority of all existence the holy bible , that’s my business i make those


        1. I wish you well Nicholas, ignorance apples to all humans in the reality that we are all ignorant of some realities. I could easily decide to write a Quran from cover to cover, that does not mean that I would understand every issue within it. I could write a book on the history of Poland, as you could, doesn’t mean that we actually know that much about Poland, in those respects we would be ignorant (unknowing) of all of Poland’s issues, past or present. Maybe we can each learn from each other on issues that we are lacking knowledge on. Just because you disagree with me on some issues does not mean that I wish in any way to silence you. Please feel free to continue conversing with me if you wish too.


          1. it’s your presentation , i’ve seen smoother religio … like … why are people fascinated with the bible? what? is the 501c3 really that necessary a thing to deck out for 8 hours a week can’t you do your church woop woop style and just be like alright priest holla choir whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat up! organist WE IN THIS BITCH high five and pay your tithe and then just go about your day nigga i fucking went to formal ceremony for 25 years and then I went for 10 more of the finishing ceremonies it’s not that this is a show it’s that your presentation is terrible if that’s who you really are i’m not into fixing people in person but if you need religious therapy like maybe for people like you i’ll open my religious office and i can take the confusion out of your life like there are like 25,000 cubit feet of warehouse space i need to sweep on this planet and then i can qualify myself to be the person that fixes your confusion i can’t do it yet but i need to sweep the pentagon and look for technology i have not read about on the internet and like the thing about religion is it about power not the power you see before you but the power that created these ceremonies like the power of that first pope you looking at one of those and i’m using blogging and after i sweep the pentagon building for anything i never thought i would see like i need to know this tooth in my jaw ain a receiver and i can’t open my religion office yet but it about power and unless you can develop the action plan over night to begin the process of a sweep of the pentagon just know ima a judas type of dude and there some people that need a judas in their life walking around


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