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If we each could only look beyond
To see in each heart what God sees
Only then might we begin to live
A life framed by spiritual dignity

Even though we see many colors
There are really only two kinds
As God created our flesh and spirits
His love giving life to humankind

Not created to be unlike another
Only our personalities can define
The differences that lie between us
Deep within, our spirits are defined

Where we all are made the same
For in our spirits, His spirit lives
If we could look beyond what we see
Like our creator, we learn to give…

A genuine selfless and priceless love
to all our sisters and brothers, not hate.

(Heather Heyer, 1985-2017)

I was moved to share this poem again after watching
the funeral of HEATHER HEYER, a victim of an act of
hatred, terror, in Charlottesville, Va. The way…

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