Daunting dreams… 👿

fountain hues

The world is passing by,

With every minute you sigh,

Random thoughts muzzling the truth away,

No verdicts, no hearings for your say.

Minds humming with the shrillness of albatross,

All anxieties buildings up its smutty gross,

The Sombre of the night haunting your solace,

Burrying all the dues of how you carried your grace.

The sound of the falling stones broke the silence of night,

The commotion of the clashes growing bigger to your sight,

Each muffled murmur slightly gives a hint

That your flickering mirror gives your own glint.

Somewhere at the end, the thoughts will reach a standstill,

And the silence will grab your peace,

When mind goes blank,

And the world fast asleep,

And you’ll realize how alone you would be,

When no one is there to witness the disasters you see.

©fountainhues. All rights reserved.

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