A Walk Down Memory Lane 

~ dreams to remember ~

(Top:Headingson Ryntahtiang with The Beat Five)

Back in the 60s and 70s, the Dinam Hall in Jaiaw was the hub of live music performances in Shillong. With its sound-proof walls and Assam-type frame said to be built by the British, the hall was where all top local musicians performed.

Therisia War recalls the performers tying a string to a plywood tea box and playing it to produce a sound similar to bass guitar and also using two tablespoons as percussion instruments. “We were very poor at the time. We had to make do with whatever produced musical sounds,” she says.

Those were the days when radio was the medium playing the best of the Western music world. Reminiscing about the radio days, veteran singer Phom Lyttan says he would carefully listen to each and every word of an Elvis song playing on Binaca Hit Parade programme of Radio Ceylon with…

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