Inside my head it’s Cromer.

Christopher Hoggins Artist

It’s all very odd in my world at the moment. I’ve been trying to pare my life down and remove anything that gets on my nerves. Part of this has been to create an entirely separate social media identity so that I can better control what I see, or more importantly, what I don’t see.

I love where I live, the sea is a constant and ever changing wonder, the nature and scenery is picturesque and the architecture is varied and pleasantly eccentric. I have a small collection of utterly wonderful friends and my flat is my own personal heaven. Yet, even in the garden of Eden there were snakes and hereabouts there are the human equivalent of everything from irritating gnats to black mambas and I don’t want know what silly nonsense they are getting up to.

To that effect, my new Facebook persona has considerably less that the…

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